Draft By Law


By-Law 1.1

This organization shall be named as stated within the Constitution.

By-Law 1.2

Local clubs are chapters clubs (“Chapter Clubs”) of the AFBSP, and shall affiliate with the AFBSP, in effectuating its purpose and mission.


By-Law 2.1
The Purpose and Mission of AFBSP shall be accomplished through:

1. Providing financial and local community support that help to nurture, and develop those American Government initiatives that lead to a just and lasting peace in our ancestral homeland of Palestine.

2. Establishment of an organizational structure headed by an Executive Director that will serve the AFBSP’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

3. To provide community outreach and cultural education.

4. Continued funding and the development of new initiatives and activities that afford AFBSP members with Business and Professional skills.

5. Strengthening ties between the Chapter Clubs and the AFBSP through increased participation in the Executive Committee and various Operating Committees.


 By-Law 3.1

Any Chapter Club in the U.S. shall affiliate with the AFBSP and must do so with the approval of the AFBSP. A member of any Chapter Club may be deemed a member of the AFBSP, provided they qualify for AFBSP membership and are members in Good standing. Each Chapter Club shall adopt its own governing laws, provided that these laws do not conflict with the Constitution and By-Laws of the AFBSP. Each Chapter Club shall also remain in good standing with the State and Federal regulations.

By-Law 3.2

A Chapter Club must complete an affiliation form which shall include all officers, names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail contacts, to be provided by August 1 of each year to the Federation Office.


 4.1  – Regular Membership

By-Law 4.1.1

Regular Membership in AFBSP shall be open to every person who has attained the age of 18 years and derives his or her origin from ancestral Beit Sahour, or one who is married to one having such origin.

4.2  – Associate Membership

By-Law 4.2.1

Associate Membership shall be available to those who do not fulfill the requirements of By-Law 4.1.1, above, but who, due to special circumstances, is approved by majority vote of the Board of Directors after recommendation by the Membership Committee. An Associate Members is a non-voting membership, therefore, Associate Members are ineligible to vote on any AFBSP matters.

4.3 – Member in Good Standing

By-Law 4.3.1

A member in Good Standing (“Good Standing”) is one that adheres to and complies with the Constitution and By- Laws of the AFBSP, and has paid his/her AFRP and Local Club (if any) current membership year Annual Dues.


 By-Law 5.1

Annual Membership Dues shall be recommended annually by the Board of Directors at the Mid-Year Meeting and presented at the duly called Annual Meeting for General Assembly approval. Membership year shall be from September 1 to August 31st (the “Membership Year”).

By-Law 5.2

Registration Fees for the Annual Convention shall include the Annual Membership Dues for any registrant who qualifies for membership and who has not paid their dues prior to the Annual Convention. Dues shall be waived for full time college students under the age of 26 with photo college ID. Registration Fees for non-members not qualifying for membership and attending the Annual Convention will be at a level equal to or higher than the Registration Fee, including Annual Membership Dues, and will be established by the host city. The officials in the host city in charge of collecting Annual Convention fees must collect the   Annual Membership Dues and earmark them as such to be paid directly to the General Treasurer of AFBSP by the host city. Thirty (30) days before the Annual Convention the General Treasurer of the Federation shall provide the officials of the host city with a list of member names whose dues are paid for the current year of the annual Convention. If any Convention registrant claims s/he has already paid his/ her dues for that year and payment is confirmed by the AFBSP. records, s/he shall be exempt from payment of the dues as part of the Annual Convention registration fees. Registration Fees collected for non-members not qualifying for membership will remain with the host city.

By-Law 5.3

Annual Membership Dues must be received by the General Treasurer on or before February 28th of each year in order to be eligible to vote.


By-Law 6.1

The General Assembly of Members in Good Standing at the duly called Annual Meeting shall be considered the final and highest authority of the AFBSP (the “General Assembly”). The General Assembly shall consider and act upon any and all matters brought before it, whether policy or administrative in nature, provided that such matters be consistent with and fall within the scope of the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws.

6.2  – Board of Directors

By-Law 6.2.1

The Board of Directors (“Board” or “Board of Directors”) shall have the authority to manage, supervise and control all business and affairs of the AFBSP. The Board shall also have the authority to enact any Rules and Regulations it deems proper for implementing the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws and in regulating the affairs and business of the AFBSP. Such Rules and Regulations shall require approval by a two- thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of all members of the Board of Directors.

By-Law 6.2.2

The Board of Directors shall consist of the following voting members: All members of the Council of Past Presidents; All members of the Council of Local Club Presidents; ; Four (8) members at large; members of the Executive Committee; and one (1) member of the Beit Sahour Business and Professional Network. The Board of Directors shall also consist of the following non-voting members: the Executive Director; and the Executive Assistant. The Board of Directors will elect one of their members at the Annual Convention to function as the official AFBSP Historian for a three year term. The duties of the Historian will be defined by the Board. The Board, by means of a special election, can replace the Historian, as may be required.

By-Law 6.2.3

To be a member of the Board of Directors each member must be a member in Good Standing of the Federation and the Chapter Club, if a Chapter Club exists in his/her locality, and that member shall be deemed an ambassador of the AFBSP in his or her community and shall cooperate with the AFBSP in all matters and projects by promoting AFBSP interests, encouraging AFBSP membership, implementing AFBSP. decisions, and attending to whatever is requested of them.

By-Law 6.2.4

Whenever possible, all members of the Board shall be polled by the Executive Assistant or by a designated member of the Executive Committee on all major issues concerning the AFBSP. Further, any Board member shall have the right to submit suggestions or recommendations to the Executive Committee and request that polling of all Board members be made, only if such request is approved by at least (5) five members of the Board. Board members who do not reply to the poll within the time prescribed shall be considered to abstain on the issue.

6.3  – Council of Past Presidents

By-Law 6.3.1

The Council of Past Presidents shall consist of all Past Presidents of the AFBSP. The AFBSP.’s immediate Past President shall serve as the chairperson of the Council of Past Presidents during the year following his/her presidency. To remain an active voting member of the Council of Past Presidents, members should not miss (not be in attendance) three (3) consecutive Midyear Meetings. The President each year shall compile a list of active Past Presidents eligible to vote on all matters requiring a Board vote. Their names shall be printed in the Annual Committee Directory under the sub-heading, Board members eligible to vote. Those Past Presidents removed from the Council for being inactive must petition the Board for reinstatement (moving to active voting status shall require 2/3’s Board Approval).

6.4  – Council of Chapter Club Presidents

By-Law 6.4.1

The Council of Chapter Club Presidents, shall be chaired by the Deputy President, and shall consist of the Chapter Club Presidents from those Chapter Clubs that have complied with By-Law Article III.

6.5  – Members At Large

By-Law 6.5.1

In order be elected to the Board as a Member At Large, the Member At Large shall not be a Past President or Local Chapter President. Members At Large shall be elected to the Board of Directors for a two (2) year term during the General Assembly of the Annual Convention.

By-Law 6.5.2

Any candidate seeking election to the Board as a Member At Large, by submitting their intention to seek election by submitting their name for consideration during the Mid-Year Meeting. The candidate seeking election to the Board as a Member At Large need not be present at the Mid-Year Meeting in order to submit their name for consideration. Thereafter, during the Annual Convention, the General Assembly shall elect by vote through a secret ballot two (2) Members At Large to the Board who shall serve a two (2) year term.

6.6  – Beit Sahour Business and Professional Network

By-Law 6.6.1

The Beit Sahour Business and Professional Network Committee shall appoint one of its board members to the Board for a one (1) year term. The Beit Sahour Business and Professional Network shall not appoint one of its board members to the Board of Directors if the member is a past AFBSP President. The appointment shall be made at the General Assembly of the Annual Convention.


7.1  The Executive  Committee

By-Law 7.1.1

The Executive Committee shall consist of the following members: the President; the Deputy President; the Executive Secretary; the Treasurer; the Legal Advisor; the Executive Director; and the Executive Assistant. All members of the Executive Committee will be members of the Board (the Executive Director and Executive Assistant will be non-voting members).


By-Law 7.1.2

Members of the Executive Committee (except for the Executive Director and the Executive Assistant) shall be elected during the General Assembly of the Annual Convention and shall serve during the interval between Conventions, or until successors are chosen at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors.

7.2  – The President

By-Law 7.2.1

The President shall be the principal Executive Officer of the AFBSP. He/she shall preside at all general membership meetings and the Board of Directors. In general, he/she shall perform all the duties incident to the office of the President including the establishment of committees and such other duties as may be prescribed by the Constitution, the By-Laws, or the Board of Directors.

By-Law 7.2.2

In order to be elected President, the candidate must be an active AFBSP.

By-Law 7.2.3

The President maximum authorization limit for operating expenditures not included in the annual budget shall not exceed $2,000 and s/he will be able to exercise this privilege a maximum of twice during their term of office. Any expenditure in excess of $2,000 shall only be authorized by the majority of the Board. Any expenditure in excess of $10,000 shall only be authorized in the approved budget at the Annual General Meeting.

7.3  – The Deputy President

By-Law 7.3.1

In the absence of the President, or in the event of his/her inability or refusal to act, the Deputy President shall perform the duties of the President. The Deputy President shall perform such other duties as from time to time may be assigned to him/her by the President or these By-Laws. Upon termination of the term of office of the President, the Deputy President shall automatically and without further notice succeed to the office of the President to fulfill the remaining term and shall assume his/her regular term at the next Annual General Meeting. The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors shall decide whether the President is unable or has refused to act.

By-Law 7.3.2

In order to be elected Deputy President, the candidate must be an active AFBSP. The Deputy President shall not be elected from the same city as the President.

7.4  –  Executive Secretary

By-Law 7.4.1

The Executive Secretary shall be responsible for all AFBSP. files and records; shall, in the absence of the Executive Assistant, take minutes of all Board and Executive Committee meetings; and coordinate office activities with the Executive Directory and Executive Assistant.

7.5  – Treasurer

By-Law 7.5.1

7.6  – Legal Advisor

By-Law 7.6.1

7.7  – Executive Director

By-Law 7.7.1

The Executive Director shall perform the duties as set forth within the terms and conditions of employment as defined by the Board.

7.8     – Executive Assistant

By-Law 7.8.1


8.1  –  Committee Creation

8.2  –  Standing Committees

8.3  – Council of Past Presidents

8.4  – Council of Chapter Club Presidents

8.5  – Investment Committee

8.6  –  Finance Committee

8.7  – Program Development

8.8  – Beit Sahour Business and Professional Network

8.9 –  Constitutional Committee

8.10     – Credentials Committee

8.11     –  Nominations Committee

8.12     –  Election Committee

8.13     – Young  Adult Programs Committee

8.14     – Youth  Program Committee

8.15     –  Other Committees